A natural-born nomad and dreamer, I believe everyone should find their passion and pursue it to the end, no matter how crazy or challenging it seems. I long to see the world, to wander, to explore. To experience new cultures and discover new lives. To soul search and challenge limits. To have purpose and adventure.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, the travel bug bit me at a young age. I’ve followed in the footsteps of my ever wandering older siblings and tried to forge my own uncharted path. I would rather observe than get the attention, listen than talk, be at the top of the mountain than enjoy the trek uphill (I’m working at this).

Life is a process and constantly changing, and I, hopefully, with it.

Prone to Roam serves as my outlet for all things travel. Between overseas trips I get stir-crazy and am left to reminisce on the travels I have already had. It’s easy sometimes to forget what is just outside our front door and wish we were sipping espresso in Florence, drinking a Guinness in Dublin, or┬áseeing the breathtaking Northern Lights in Iceland. But we really should be able to find adventure wherever we find ourselves; it’s simply a matter of perspective.