Everyday Life In Germany

Glorious Patrice

Soooo… I’m not feeling so inspired to write today. We finally got to go on a day trip a couple of days ago and I want to dedicate more time and research into it before posting, so for now I have another idea in mind. It’s sometimes hard to constantly post about a new city or adventure every single week when regular life looks a little different. I could go on and on about castles and far off places, but actually normal life while not traveling is still pretty cool!

Reading to Thom

Since I’m not working consistently at the moment (fingers crossed for my interview Tuesday! 🤞), I still like to feel productive and relatively busy. For now, the days usually go like this:

Coffee. Always. Deal with the boy in the morning.

Usually Oma, our landlady/friend/next door neighbor, invites us over to chat and inhale our caffeine together. Her daughter/our friend Caroline usually joins as well and depending what’s going on that day, we’ve been trying to go on walks and soak in the sunshine. Sometimes we’ll go into the nearby bigger town to check out the shops and she’s been so helpful in helping familiarize me with the area we live in. Spending time with them has made it seem like home so much quicker! For some other tips in how to settle in overseas, read my post here.

Beautiful Germany
Beautiful Germany – this is a short walk from our house

Right now since the weather is nice I’ll try to see if Oma needs help with the gardening or yard work. She’s attempting, to no avail, to help me learn how to garden and I’m still failing miserably. Everything she grows blooms and flourishes effortlessly, while all my plants and herbs die immediately. Even the ones that are supposed to be foolproof!! What does that say about me?? I can’t even keep succulents! But moving on…

Oma With Thom
Wir lieben Oma!

A lot is planned or worked around Thom’s feeding and nap schedule, so while he sleeps during the day I’ll clean, make a meal plan or shopping list, work on music, work on the blog, or a combination of a few while watching Netflix or listening to podcasts 🙂 Once he’s awake and fed we go grocery shopping depending on the day. Read about some of the differences in German grocery shopping in my other post here.

Shopping With Thom
My shopping buddy before he could steady himself all the way 😛

Nic gets back from work in the early afternoon and we trade off so I can go to the gym while he watches the boy. I try to make sure they get some quality face-to-face time together as well as playtime and reading together. After dinner we try to just relax together and unwind. During the week, the evenings pretty much turn us into couch potatoes but sometimes we go for a walk with the dog instead. It has been so fun as Thom gets more and more interactive. He’s growing and learning something new all the time while we get to watch.

Germany Walk
Spazieren gehen mit Freunde!

Leia Jumping

I know our days probably don’t sound like the most exciting in the world, but we also get time during the week to plan our next adventures and recover from the last ones. As of now, we’re planning on an epic road trip through Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, and elsewhere in the very near future.

Glorious Patrice
Glorious Patrice

Where else should we go on our road trip? Do you like having a set schedule or routine during the week or just taking things as they come? What would you like to hear about next?



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  1. Was fun to have a glimpse into your daily life 😉 …and I could for sure get used of it. Can´t wait to see you again soon :*

    1. Can’t wait to see you soon too!! 😀

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