Is This Really Happening?

I’ve waited, I’ve prayed, I’ve hoped and dreamed and given up. (insert overly dramatic sigh here)

But it was all worth it. We are moving to Germany!!!!

After spending the last two years on the East Coast, we get the opportunity to live overseas, which is quicker than a lot of other people here. It doesn’t hurt that Germany is one of my all-time favorite countries, too. I can’t wait to completely immerse myself in the German culture instead of just bringing America with us.

Part of me still doesn’t believe it and is still processing the news. There is so much happening in such a short time – the baby is coming any day now, we are moving, and Nic finds out if he ranks up this week as well.

Moving day is tentatively in the middle of January, so we have a little bit of time to prepare and figure stuff out. I knew being a military spouse would come with challenges, so not knowing exactly when we would be leaving Virginia has been tough. At the same time it’s bittersweet. We’ve met some amazing people here and gotten involved in an awesome church for the first time. Those parts make it harder to leave because you unintentionally build roots even if it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t think we will ever live on the East Coast again so it feels very final and weird.

For so long we’ve been searching for the good parts of being here and almost given up on leaving anytime soon, so now with an endpoint in sight I think we’ll appreciate it a little more. (it doesn’t hurt that summer is winding down and will finally cool off)

An added bonus is I feel like I’ll finally have material to write about on here. I’ve definitely been slacking on this blog because life hasn’t felt especially noteworthy. But that’s changing very quickly!!

So that’s our little update. And now I need your help.

Have you ever lived overseas?

What places should we definitely check out?

What was the hardest part about adjusting?

Any advice?

Cheers, (or should I say Prost?)


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  1. Holy smokes, that is some exciting news, 2nd to hearing your expecting. I’ll be praying for you guys during this season of change and transitions. Adventure awaits 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Kari!! That means a lot 🙂

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