Quick Update!

Apologies for the brief hiatus, friends! Life has been a little crazy lately.

There is some good news though; Hubby and I get to welcome Baby Myers in August! It will be a new kind of crazy adventure and I can’t wait to bring him or her along on all the outings we get to take.

Also, I get to have more time on my hands now and will definitely devote more energy to this little corner of the internet. Along with being less stressed overall, I get to actually pursue things I love! Lately I’ve felt more strongly about making this blog a positive place people can visit and escape to faraway places together.

I started this blog for that purpose but I think I want to start including lifestyle topics as well. If anyone has suggestions or ideas or a topic they would like to hear about, I’m always open to it and welcome it!

Change is in the air, and I can’t wait!

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