8 Signs You Live In Hampton Roads

***disclaimer*** Before you get offended, Virginia isn’t all bad and this is me making light of the more negative aspects! 🙂

That being said, you might live in Hampton, Virginia if:
    • Turn signals are so last year.
      • Apparently it’s not a big deal to swerve in and out of lanes like a drunkard while not warning people you are about to cut in front of their car. Don’t worry, it just means you’re from Virginia. (Okay, so I come from a state known for the most courteous drivers in the country, but still. Forget any kind of driving courtesy or rules here, it seems.)
    • Golden Corral is your idea of a “fancy night out”.
      • Need I say more? *cough*food poisoning*cough*
    • Your vanity plates are brilliantly thought out.
      • example: EDUKTR or BEEEEEBS or WHTGURR
    • You have to carve out an extra couple of hours to cross a bridge or go through a tunnel on your commute.
      • No where else have I ever witnessed a 3-mile back up to drive through…wait for it… A TUNNEL. RIGHT AFTER YOU EXIT SAID TUNNEL, THERE ARE NO CARS IN SIGHT! I DON’T GET IT!!!!! WHAT IS HOLDING YOU UP, PEOPLE?!?!?!? JUST DRIVE!!!!
    • You’ve waited over half an hour at a fast food drive thru. In the middle of the night.
      • Because it’s gourmet and if there is a line wrapped around the building at all hours of the day, it must be good, right?
    • You can’t trust Yelp reviews.
      •  If you want to check out a new restaurant, you will never have an accurate idea how it really is because people here rate Mcdonald’s and Burger King with 5 stars and a locally owned place with 2… For no reason.
    • And forget about coffee.
      • I don’t consider myself a coffee snob, but I have yet to find a decent cup of just basic coffee. And there are next to no coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts here. Again, I don’t get it.
    • You don’t have to make it to the trash can.
      • Have a dirty diaper or two to throw away? No worries, just drop it open face in the middle of a sidewalk so everyone walking by can enjoy the view.
Did I miss anything?
What makes this area unique to you?

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