To The Girl Who Was Afraid Of Commitment…

…You’re going to be vulnerable, to be exposed and raw and spilled out all over the table, and he will love you for it.

He will love everything you hate about yourself. He will make you feel like the only soul in the world and enable you to feel more free than you ever have before. You’ll give him your heart, your soul, your mind, your body, and ever so gently he will protect them. He will learn your weaknesses and flaws and love you unconditionally in spite of them. He’ll ease your fears and calm the waves of panic in your heart as you encourage each other and connect on every possible level.

You’ll learn to put his needs above your own, to give him all that you are, how that can be a privilege and how it doesn’t hinder your independence in the slightest. You will be faced with a choice, and you will choose to spend your life with your best friend sooner than you ever thought you would.

You’re going to be a military wife, and with that you’ll lose a lot of the control you’ve worked so hard to attain. You’ll be uprooted and have broken expectations, but you will learn to let go of those and make the best of a situation, choosing to see the positive in seemingly dire circumstances. You’ll learn to adjust and improve your dreams and make new ones together.

You’ll learn that it is in your power to forgive those who wrong you, even when the core of your being is screaming at the injustice, because you were shown forgiveness when you did not deserve it. You’ll receive second chances where you deserved isolation; you will learn humility.

You will deal with saying goodbye and changing locations, jobs, friends, but this is nothing new or unwarranted. You will make monumental decisions and choices that don’t solely affect you anymore.
You will continue your dream of having an unconventional life and learn to cherish every moment and experience, big or small. You’ll rethink former strong opinions you once held about doubting love, soul mates, young marriage, settling down, or having someone who complements who you are.

To that girl, who feared anything final or indefinite, the former skeptic and ideologist, you will change.

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