In case you didn’t get enough of a sermon this Sunday…

I sometimes feel like life is one huge lesson on humility.

Time after time I have chosen to do something, completely intending to have the right motives, but along the way lose track. I fall, get picked back up again off my face, and again learn that when I try to go it alone, I won’t get very far. Somewhere along the way the focus is no longer about Him, but about me, and that’s where I go wrong.
I’m humbled again. I have to learn to trust again. It’s like pulling teeth sometimes admitting I’m wrong, but without letting go of that pride, I will never grow.
Once you’re called out on what is truth, it’s your choice whether to move forward with a clean slate or use it as an excuse to keep messing up. I choose the former.
Christ didn’t come to condemn, but to redeem.
This drops on me like an anvil and chisels away at my selfish heart. Everything we are up until now can be used in your story if you choose to change how you respond from this day forward.
I hear all the time advice saying to follow your heart, or do what you think is best, but how often do we recommend shutting the world out for a while and actually listen to what the guy upstairs has to say? Your heart will lead you astray if you let it; human motives alone are weak.
It might not happen overnight, but if we persist in learning how to listen, He will come through. He always does. In one way or another, He has figured out how to communicate with us, but too often we are not willing to give up what we hold onto with a death grip.
I choose life, I choose the best He has for me.
Instead of asking Him to bless me in my sinful life, I want to use it to bless Him somehow.
This timing is not of you or me.

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