Conventional Life Is Boring

I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants here.
You know that feeling of liberation when you realize nothing is holding you back from taking a certain opportunity? All you have to do is say yes and things start falling into place, even if right now it feels like a leap into the unknown.

I needed a break from serving people, from feeling unfulfilled in my work and drained from the never-ending stress of a place where I wasn’t and would not be happy.
So, guess what? I’m moving!
Utah is calling my name, albeit temporarily, and I’m going to make the road trip in a couple of weeks or as fast as I can pack up my belongings. Just when I thought I could stay in one place for a while, this opportunity arose, I have no reason not to just go for it, and I couldn’t be happier.
I don’t want to live thinking that the best times are behind me and it’s downhill from here; I firmly believe the best of life is ahead.

After this slight detour is getting to work in Alaska this summer! Heaven knows I’ve missed it there.

The most beautiful state – Alaska!

So I guess the ultimate moral of the story is this: take opportunities and chances as they come, as cliche as that sounds. Do something. If it doesn’t work out, do something else, but keep moving forward. What’s holding you back? You can sit there and make excuses… Or you can make something happen.
That’s it, the end.

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