A Year Of Memories

I began this blog a few months ago in a lackluster attempt to share about my travels and have been failing somewhat miserably – it’s time to change things up.
I want to be able to write about life, hardship, music, photography, memories, struggles, and not solely when I’m on the move. Yes, I try to always be in motion and moving forward but sometimes life is seemingly stagnant and I’d like to be able to share about those times, too.

2014 was (and is) a big year for me.
I met someone.

Nicolas the first day we hung out… at his finest.

Feasted with the best of ’em.


Reiterated how much I hate hiking.


Saw some cool local sights.

Ran through some mud.
Dirty Dash 2014
Had a family reunion with these crazies.
These are only a few family members!
Dabbled in another continent for a bit.
Hung out with these sisters.
There’s even a German one in there!
Placed in a photography contest, accidentally.
Savor the Pearl.
Had my first legal drink in the States.
Photo cameo: the skinny tie
Saw some more incredible sights.
Was a man.
Turned into a crazy cat lady. Meet Patrice!


Don’t be fooled by the cute demeanor!
Traditions and more sister time.


Had to say goodbye to this handsome devil until February.


I’m astounded at how much can happen in a year without even really trying. There’s so much between each picture as I’m looking back at them, and I am beyond thankful for each experience and person who was part of it and many more. Whether you like it or not, y’all will be hearing a lot more from me in the next while, mostly because I need to stay distracted, but I’ll also be posting about not just traveling, as I said before. Thanks for you patience and your time in reading this.
I need to learn to savor the journey as it unfolds and not just leap at the new before enjoying what is happening right now.

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