Just Peru-sing

It’s almost that time! So wraps up five countries in just over four weeks. Needless to say, this whirlwind has been rather exhausting. Constantly moving and constant variety, which I love, but I’m ready to go home for a tiny bit and actually stay in the same place for more than two days. (At least until the stir-craziness sets in again…)

Peru is beautiful. Have I mentioned I love mountains?
The amazing Sacred Valley in Peru.

We rode two overnight buses from Baños, Ecuador, to Lima for one night and caught a plane to Cuzco, which ended up being one of my favorite cities so far. This trip has practically been a big bus ride down two continents!

I aim to find a good lookout wherever I go 🙂 Cuzco, Peru.

After only a couple nights there, we made the “cheap” backpackers’ trek to Machu Picchu. Ha, that’s putting it lightly. It actually amounted to riding a van for over six hours through the Sacred Valley and a winding one lane mountain road inches from the cliffs, walking eleven kilometers each way to and from Aguas Calientes, walking uphill/up stairs for over an hour to Machu Picchu (I keep trying to convince myself it is the elevation that is making me wheeze, notthe fact that I am severely out of shape… What?)

Buuuuuut, the view at the top and breathtaking ruins made the whole ordeal worth it and one more thing checked off my bucket list. Here is one of the only selfies you’ll get 🙂
So glad you can’t see how sleep deprived I am here. Machu Picchu, no big deal.


Also, the only good thing about waking up at 4 in the morning to make the horrendous jaunt up the hill is that you aren’t awake enough to realize the hell you are willingly putting yourself through.
Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I board a plane tonight for the states. One of three. Here’s to 40+ hours in the airports.
Though I’ve met many awesome people along the way and seen amazing things, I’m excited to get home.
Cheers, friends!

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