Hashtag Cursed

The first week of travels has sadly come to an end. This week’s conquest was Costa Rica, and time has been flying.

We made our way from San Jose to Monteverde for a few nights, partaking in horribly boring things like zip lining, acting like superman, Tarzan jumping, and rappelling down 40 meter waterfalls. No big deal.
From there we trekked a mile in torrential sideways rain to get on a bus to Puerto Viejo, myself in flip flops per true Oregonian style. Baby puke to the foot and no personal space accompanied me while I desperately to get a wink of sleep on the cramped 5-hour bus ride. I had to stop a minute and smile in the midst of misery, soaking to the bone – this is travel, this is what makes it memorable and appreciate when things run smoothly.
Another 5 hour bus ride and IĀ arrived in paradise.
Can’t complain when you have nothing to do but soak in the sun, watch surfers, and frolic in the warm Caribbean sea. We got to go to an “open jam” happening at one of the bars where we heard amazing local musicians and got to watch a group of fire dancers. It was a blast!
Tomorrow we head to Bocos Del Toro in Panama, and I’m so ready to continue this adventure. One country down, four to go!
Could be worse.

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