Here Goes

Hey guys!
I’m new to the whole blogging scene and have had many the reservation to starting one in the first place. First off (disclaimer!), I’m not much of a writer. I know what you may be thinking, why bother in the first place, right? What makes my voice any more important than the next travel blog out there?

Well, to put it simply: my goal isn’t to be heard above anyone else. My goal for this platform is to merely share my humble experiences exploring the world and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

The current mission: Central and South America.
Yes, it’s true! I embark tomorrow to trek through Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in the span of one month.
Scratch that – the current mission:
getting all this –

The life of a pack-rat backpacker

– to fit in that backpack. After much procrastination and desperately fighting my pack-rat tendencies, I’m almost ready to go.
It has barely begun to sink in that I’m leaving the country again. My excitement for uncharted territory (for me, at least) is starting to well up and I’m ready to leave the familiar to discover the new.

As I continue my travels, I hope you will check in and share your own stories and experiences. There’s a whole world just waiting for us!

Have you ever taken a backpacking trip?
How do you mentally prepare for an expedition?
Any packing mishaps?


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